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Kalamazoo College

Older Student Commission Minutes

November 17th, 2008

  • Location: Hicks Center Room 111
  • Time: 9:01 pm
  • Present: Patrick Tanis, Alex Morgan, Derek Gianino, Joel Greenblatt, Hannah Kallewaard, Alyssa McNamara, Mark Korn, Kelly Lepper, Michelle Gigowski, Amber Lee, Andrea Bedway, Karl Wasmuth, Taylor Allard, Meredith Quinlan, Calder Burgam, Marissa Kilkka, Sarah Small, Leeor Schweitzer, Andrew Tyner, Rico Javier, Owen Willis, Juli Scalf, Ted Sweetser.
  • Absent: Jessica Adams, Sindhura Kompella, & Brad Bower
  • Secretary: Hannah Kallewaard

Minutes of the 11/17/08 Student Commission Meeting
As taken by Hannah Kallewaard, Secretary
Week 9

I.    Call to Order 21:01
II.    Roll Call
a.    All present except for Jessica Adams, Sindhura Kompella, and Brad Bower.
III.    Approval of Minutes
a.    Motion: Approval of the 11/10/08 minutes. Motioned by Karl, seconded by Andrew Tyner, motion carries.
IV.    Officer Business
a.    President
i.    Zach Holden presented information about the meetings of the Presidential Council.
1.    The smoking policy going well with students away from the buildings for the most part.
2.    The council started to evaluate how to reward faculty and staff for their time at the college. They are answering the questions:
a.    Should the rewards start at 5 years or 10 years, and what should be used for acknowledging their hard work? L
b.    Lapel pins or something more personal?
3.    The financial crisis has been a topic of discussion. The main focus is to #1 retain student body with scholarships & financial aid, #2 cut luxuries and #3 possibly delay pay increases for a year if needed.
b.    Finance Director
i.    There were no updates.
c.    Vice President
i.    There were no updates.
d.    Public Relations Director
i.    There were no updates.

e.    Secretary

i.    There were no updates.

V.         Committee Reports
i.    Athletic Committee
i.    Effective winter quarter 2 athletic events will have LAC status at the discretion of the NCAA. This will be a trial period for looking to instate 3 events per quarter for LAC status. Also, student will only be able to have 3 athletic LAC credits.  Look for an article in the Index with more information.
ii.    Constitutional Integrity Committee
i.    Motion: Approve the By-Laws with the changes made as is, assuming everyone has read the changes. Rico Javier motioned, Ted Sweetser seconded, and motion carried.
ii.    Thanks to Meredith Quinlan and Taylor Allard who helped update the By-Laws.
iii.    Dining Services Committee
i.    Meeting this Thursday, will report on the updates next meeting.
iv.    Educational Policies Committee
i.    Faculty meetings were held to discuss the models. The open model will be revised because many saying it’s too open.
ii.    The three areas that were used in a model last spring were: Math and Science, Social Science, and Humanities and Fine Arts. The thought was to possibly add creative expression. The model from last spring is being used to help update the open model.
iii.    The registrar search will be this week with one presentation on Wednesday, and one next Monday. Both of the candidates will have presentations that will be publicized in the campus announcements. The presenters will also have lunch with some students.
v.    Experiential Education Committee
i.    There are candidates coming in this week and finals week. All students are encouraged to attend the presentations because the director will be in charge of helping people get jobs, intern-/externships, and entrance into graduate schools.
vi.    Financial Policies Committee
i.    Gift fund request: Students for Sensible Drug Policy asking for 10th anniversary conference in Washington D.C. Many different topics will be covered in the conference including how the war on drugs is affecting international policies. There will be voting on the By-Laws of the national organization which will involve the congress of the organization. The registration for eight members is $50/ea, and for one member $40, which totals $440. SSDP is also asking for $275 for travel. The FPC recommends the approval of the registration but not the $275 for travel.
ii.    Motion: Approve half of the gas money with all of the registration costs. Motioned by Andrew Tyner, motion not seconded, motion failed.
iii.    Motion: Following the FPC recommendations. Motioned by Owen Willis, Ted Sweeter seconded, motion carried.
iv.    The gift fund has $305.50 left for this quarter, and any that is left over will roll into next quarter’s budget.
vii.    Information Services Advisory Committee
i.    The complaints were brought up from last week involving the Microsoft Office 2007. They will try and look into changing the default font and spacing. The double spacing is a concern from the faculty because they do not want their papers turned in double sided. There was a survey last spring about the double siding, but a majority didn’t want it. Greg Diment will try and push this issue.
ii.    4 computers in the Adobe Suite are in the library. There aren't enough licenses to move the program to the 24 hr lab. This goes along with the ChemDraw.
viii.    Outreach Committee
i.    Stress balls will be handed out during Exam Week Extravaganza.
ix.    Student Life Advisory Committee
i.    There was no new information to report on.

VI.    Old Business

a.    Campus Survey Results (at the end of the minutes)

VII.         New Business
a.    Looking ahead to the next quarters, the commission will be looking at fundamental changes to the way student commission operates. There will be changes to the constitution and the changes will be transparent.
b.    Elections next quarter will be paper ballots
c.    Please get your T-shirt money to Juli
VIII.        Good of the Order
a.    None
IX.    Adjournment 21:41
a.    Motion: Adjourn from the meeting. Karl Wasmuth motioned, Leeor Schweitzer seconded, and motion carried.


Kalamazoo Campus Survey Fall 2008


1.    How do you feel about the new smoking policy? n=159
Too strict:    33    21%
  Just right:    87    55%
Too lenient:    39    24%

•    No one is going to follow it because no one knows how far 25 ft is and they take away ashtrays, which leads to more littering
•    Hookah should be allowed
•    What is the actual policy?
•    Western's smoking policy is 50 feet
•    People smoke outside of window each night
•    Policy written well but not enforced well, especially near dorms
•    Students hate smoke through the windows
•    Smoking should be banned from campus
•    Much appreciated… hate the smell of smoke

2.    Have you read K’s drug and alcohol policy this year? (Be honest) n=170

Yes    No

21%    79%

3.    How many times per month would you like to be able to use the Hot Spot Shuttle service? n=164

4.    Do you feel that the recycling program at K is sufficient? n=167
Yes             No
80%            20%
•    Too much food waste and more bins needed in FAB and Hicks; more info on what can be recycled; composting

5.    How many times have you been to the REC room? n=169
(0-5)    114
(10-15)    13
Over 15    12
I don't know what the REC is    30

6.    If an event does not have LAC status, does this affect the likelihood of you attending the event? n=163
Yes    122    75%
No    41    25%



•    Especially as a senior

7.    If certain athletic events were LACs, would you be more likely to attend them? n=167
Yes    131    78%
No    36    22%

8. How well is the Internet working this quarter? (1 = poorly, 5 = very well) n=166


    The average of all the students was 2.75

8a. Where has it not been working?
Olds Upton, Harmon, Library on laptops, Hoben, Trowbridge, Dewing, Severn, DeWaters, wireless is horrible, Crissey, OU 103

9. For winter bike storage, would you like to see bike lockers in the dorms? n=161
Yes    103

No    58

10. Are there enough bike racks? n=156
Yes    107
No    49

10. What time would you prefer to eat dinner? n=185

8.    Are there certain buildings that you would like to see open later? If so, write the building name and the time you think it should close:
•    Library – later hours and at least open until 12 am on weekends
•    Cafeteria – open later (a bajillion requests)
•    Game room – 12 am
•    Anderson Athletic Center (specifically the gym and weight room) – 12 am
•    Bookstore – at least 6 pm
•    Olds Upton – 10 pm
•    Dewing – 2 am
•    Stetson Chapel
•    Dow, CPA lab

•    Jazzmans

•    Seniors in Dorms
•    FAB – at least 2 am
•    Help desk – before 8 am and later at night
•    Olmstead
•    Mandelle
•    Center for New Media Design
•    Mail Center
•    All buildings on Saturday
Additional Comments:
•    Food. Late.
•    The cafeteria needs to be open later because swim practice gets over at 6:30, and by that time the food is shitty, so yeah open later
•    LAC status makes me want to go to an event more
•    How do I know where 25 ft is for the smoking policy?
•    Want Sunday breakfast
•    Our Cafeteria is seriously lacking
•    Is there anyway we can live on campus and not have a “shitty” meal plan?
•    Crissey kitchen amenities need to be revamped!!
•    The hot spot is sorely missed by freshman, and needed to get to the grocery store.
•    The cafeteria hours are ridiculous, they need to be extended on weeknights, and weekends need to have later dinner.
•    Extended mail hut hours
•    Trowbridge needs more bike racks
•    We need wireless everywhere
•    Cafeteria needs to be open later on the weekends
•    For a school with an academic rep such as ours it is complete BS that the Library is not 24 hrs