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Kalamazoo College

Older Student Commission Minutes

November 24th, 2008

  • Location: Hicks Center Room 111
  • Time: 9:00 pm
  • Present: Patrick Tanis, Alex Morgan, Derek Gianino, Joel Greenblatt, Hannah Kallewaard, Alyssa McNamara, Mark Korn, Kelly Lepper, Michelle Gigowski, Jessica Adams, Amber Lee, Andrea Bedway, Karl Wasmuth, Taylor Allard, Meredith Quinlan, Calder Burgam, Marissa Kilkka, Sarah Small, Leeor Schweitzer, Andrew Tyner, Rico Javier, Brad Bower, Owen Willis, Juli Scalf, Ted Sweetser, Sindhura Kompella
  • Secretary: Hannah Kallewaard

Student Commission Minutes

Week 10

As taken by Hannah Kallewaard

I.       Call to Order 21:02

II.    Roll Call

III. Approval of Minutes

  1. Motion: Approve minutes from last week. Motioned by Calder Burgam, seconded by Andrew Tyner, motion carried.

IV. Officer Business

a.      President

                                                              i.      Looking toward the future, a new model should be made on how to approve student budgets. As of right now, there is a lack of continuity; the organizations don’t know their budgets till 3rd week.

                                                            ii.      Create a new model

1.      Election in the Spring to elect year-long positions: President, Vice President, Financial Director, Public Relations director, Secretary, and chairs of four standing committees; totaling nine people. This also allows students to know who is going to be on Stu Comm in spring, not first week of Fall quarter.

2.      As for the Budget: the nine individuals entire year, they can serve as a committee on the budget. Three commissioners would be on the Financial Planning Committee to hear budget defenses and draft a budget to happen the weekend before each quarter starts. The preliminary budget would be brought in-front of the nine members. They would then set the budget for the quarter, which would have the budget set when the first week rather than 3rd week, freeing the commission to serve as the voice of the students during the entire quarter.

3.      To create this new type of model, it would take a constitutional referendum. To pass any changes there must be a 75% positive vote.

4.      Discussion from the commission:

a.       How would it be determined who would do the pre-quarter defenses? Would they take turns?

b.      Is it needed to have the standing committee heads elected spring quarter? This would exclude the incoming first year students.

c.       Would this type of budget model allow for new student leaders to be ready before the quarter begins? This forces the organizations to have continuous leadership, or well communicated thoughts. It could be possible to have Fall’s budget hearings during 2nd week and then WI and SP hearings before the quarter.

5.      These ideas will be brought up next quarter, with the following goals:

a.       2nd week: Create some sort of draft; finalize Stu Comm input; and reach out to campus community (especially the student organization leaders).

b.      Series of town halls for student input, where there could be open discussion on the matter.

c.       3rd week: Budget meeting for Winter Quarter

d.      4th week: language ready on the constitutional referendum; adopt with Stu Comm (2/3)

e.       Series of town halls to lobby the referendum

f.       Vote during 6th week.

6.      Look for other models. This is a chance to fundamentally change the constitution.

b.      Finance Director

                                                              i.      An e-mail was sent to StuOrg leaders. Check requests are due on Monday of Finals week. All StuOrg account numbers are changing starting winter quarter. There will be a mandatory meeting for Student Leaders on Sunday Jan 4 at 8 pm. to discuss the changes to the By-Laws and the new account numbers. 

                                                            ii.      Index task force – restructuring the force

c.       Vice President

                                                              i.      No new news.

d.      Public Relations Director

                                                              i.      No new news.

e.       Secretary

                                                              i.      No new news.

V.    Committee Reports

a.      Athletic Committee

                                                              i.      100% of the LAC committee decided to have two Men’s & Women’s Saturday basketball games count as LACs next quarter. Contacted Up ‘till dawn – hope to have some kids to the game. Women’s Basketball had Girl Scouts to sign autographs earlier, they may do another game bringing local students.

b.      Constitutional Integrity Committee

                                                              i.      No new news.

c.       Dinning Services Committee

                                                              i.      Next quarter, there will be a trial of “No Tray Day” during 2nd week.

                                                            ii.      The Student Survey from this quarter will be used in the new contract for Sodexho employees.

d.      Educational Policies Committee

                                                              i.      The 2nd candidate for the registrar talked today, a 3rd candidate will come during finals week.

                                                            ii.      Final decision of the new registrar by end of finals week or middle of winter break.

e.       Experiential Education Committee

                                                              i.      The 3rd candidate, Chris Lewis, for director of the Center for Career Development will talk on Wednesday at 4 p.m. of finals week. The decision will be made on Friday of finals week.

f.        Financial Policies Committee

                                                              i.      Passed it’s own By-Laws today!

g.      Information Services Advisory Committee

                                                              i.      Nothing new this week

h.      Outreach Committee

                                                              i.      Monday of exam week – the stress balls will be in to pass out to students at exam week extravaganza.

i.        Student Life Advisory Committee

                                                              i.      There will be handouts regarding 1st floor window security.

                                                            ii.      A Student Activities fee, which was questioned last meeting, would replace our budget.

                                                          iii.      Additionally, from the survey, when Chrissy is renovated, which will happen soon, the kitchen facilities will be looked at and possibly upgraded.

                                                          iv.      The calendar proposal. The administration wants to have a forum about the proposal.

1.      Shift when we start (after labor day)

2.      Finish before Thanksgiving

3.      3-4 weeks of Winter quarter

4.      2 weeks break

5.      6-7 weeks of Winter

6.      2 weeks break

7.      Spring quarter finishes around Memorial Day

                                                            v.      To be decided soon, but implement 2010/2011 year

                                                          vi.      There was no talk about the alcohol committee

VI. Old Business

  1. Elections

                                                              i.      Alex will work on the logistics of the elections, which will be paper ballots.

VII.    New Business

  1. No new business.

VIII. Good of the Order

  1. Have a great thanksgiving!
  2. Tonight, there is a Women’s Basketball game at home against Calvin.
  3. Some issues with the printers for t-shirts, we’ll do shirts next quarter.
  4. Good work everyone.
  5. Run for re-election.

IX. Adjournment 21:48

  1. Motion: Adjourn from the meeting. Marc Korn motioned, Meredeth Quinlan seconded, motion carried.