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Kalamazoo College

Older Student Commission Minutes

January 12th, 2009

  • Location: Hicks 111
  • Time: 9:02 pm
  • Present: All present.
  • Guests: Nate Reno, Andrew Lukas, Scott Wagner, Rob Foley, Jon Smart, and Brian Dietz.
  • Secretary: Hannah Kallewaard

Student Commission Minutes
January 12, 2009
As taken by Hannah Kallewaard, Secretary

I.    Call to Order at 21:02
II.    Roll Call
a.    All present
b.    Guests: Nate Reno, Andrew Lukas, Scott Wagner, Rob Foley, Jon Smart, and Brian Dietz.
III.    Oath of Office
IV.    Approval of Minutes
a.    Motion: Approve the minutes from the last meeting, 11/24. Leeor Schweitzer motioned, Karl Wasmuth seconded, motion carried.
V.    Officer Business
a.    President
i.    Appointing members to fill the empty seats of Campus Commissioner and Campus Community Commissioner.
1.    Campus Commissioner: William Cheatham
2.    Campus Community Commissioner: Amber Lee
3.    Motion: Approve the appointment of William and Amber to their respective seats on Student Commission. Motioned by Leeor Schweitzer; seconded by Karl Wasmuth; motion carried.
ii.    Students introduced themselves with their name, year at Kalamazoo College, and their position on the committee.
iii.    Appointments –Committees Outside Student Commission
1.    Alcohol Task Force
a.    Dan Havel ‘09, Adam Smith ’11, Meredith Quinlan ‘12
b.    Motion: Approve the appointments for the Alcohol Task Force. Leeor Schweitzer motioned; Juli Scalf seconded; motion carried.
2.    Dining Services Committee
a.    Michelle Gigowski and Calder Burgam
b.    Motion: Approve the appointments for Dining Services Committee. Andrew Tyner motioned; Matt Remsen seconded; motion carried.
3.    Guilds Council – Student Commission Representative
a.    Alex Morgan is our liaison
b.    Motion to appoint Alex Morgan as the liaison. Marc Korn motioned; Karl Wasmuth seconded; motion carried.
4.    Joint Committee on Student Organization Recognition
a.    Alex Morgan, Derek Gianino, and Juli Scalf.
b.    Motion: Approve appointment of the students to the Joint Committee on Student Organization Recognition. Motioned by Leeor Schweitzer; seconded by Karl Wasmuth; motion carried.
5.    Student Health Center Advisory Committee
a.    Need 2 students from the student commission.
b.    Andrea Bedway and Amber Lee Volunteered.
c.    Motion: Appoint Andrea and Amber to the Student Health Center Advisory Committee. Motioned by Leeor Schweitzer; seconded by Karl Wasmuth; motion carried.
iv.    Appointments – Inside Committees
1.    Chair of Constitutional Integrity Committee
a.    Derek Gianino
b.    Motion: Appoint Derek to chair the CIC this quarter. Motioned by Leeor Schweitzer; seconded by Karl Wasmuth; motion carried.
2.    Financial Policies Committee
a.    The students appointed would join Alex Morgan and Alyssa McNamara.
b.    Owen Willis, Matt Remsen, Calder Burgam
c.    Motion: Appoint Owen, Matt R., and Calder to the Financial Policies Commission. Motioned by Leeor Schweitzer; seconded by Karl Wasmuth; motion carried.
3.    Public Relations Committee
a.    Meredith Quinlan will be the chair of the PR Committee. The Committee will work to change our impression upon the students. There are spaces for two commissioners to help Meredith. Please see her after the meeting.
4.    Task Force on the Index
a.    Alyssa McNamara is Chair on the Task Force.
b.    Rico Javier, and another person will help on the Task Force.
5.    There was a Student Commission Facebook Group Created to help raise the profile of the commission.
6.    Set meeting for the Quarter
a.    Next week due to MLK Jr. Day we’ll meet on Tuesday, Every other meeting will happen on Monday.
b.    Motion: Meet on Monday evenings at 9 p.m. except for next week (1/19) when we’ll meet on Tuesday due to MLK Jr. Day. Motioned by Matt Remsen; seconded by Karl Wasmuth; motion carried.
b.    Financial Director
i.    Budget Standing
1.    $26,658.31 subtotal for Winter quarter
2.    $1,213.66 Student Commission (5%)
3.    $23,444.65 To student organizations
c.    Vice President
i.    During winter quarter, the board of trustees will meet during the week of March 7th. There will be a dinner when they are on campus for the Trustees and Student Commission.
d.    Public Relations Director
i.    If you want to help with the Outreach Committee, see Meredith after the meeting.
e.    Secretary
i.    Student commissioners will sign up for two office hours.

VI.    Committee Reports
a.    Athletic Committee
i.    Thank all those in attendance on Saturday for the Women’s Basketball game. This next Saturday at 3 p.m. the Men’s Basketball game will be an LAC.
ii.    Looking into a fundraiser with Up ‘till Dawn.
b.    Constitutional Integrity Committee
i.    Changes to the constitution were being planed last quarter
ii.    Over break opposed to a referendum to each change, we will reform the amendments section. The requirement of  ¾ of all persons voting will change so that the constitution is a little more flexible due to the constant change of the college.
iii.    Looking into having ¾ of Student Commission to change Constitution; changes of By-Laws needs 2/3 of the commission.
iv.    The Amendment will include student input outside of the commission to either start or information regarding changes to the constitution.
v.    Article 8 will be drafted for next week.
c.    Educational Policies Committee
i.    Registrar search committee decided to not pick any of the candidates. A new committee will be formed in spring.
ii.    Faculty had a big meeting (Dr. Askew said the biggest in 10 years) with a vote on the curriculum requirements.
iii.    PE, language, residency, seminar, and SIP are the only requirements needed now. (Model 1).
iv.    Ambiguous on when the changes will take place.
d.    Experiential Education Committee
i.    Non-conclusive search on CCD director, and the committee dissolved. From the search, new ideas of experiential education were brought forth. Study Abroad Applications due soon. Past programs that weren’t competitive in previous years, are this year. These programs are mostly the English speaking programs. 
e.    Financial Policies Committee
i.    Budgets are due at 5 p.m. in mailbox 2504 or outside the office on Tuesday, January 13. Hearings will take place on Thursday from 4:10 to when they finish.
ii.    Preliminary budget proposed next Tuesday.
f.    Information Services Advisory Committee   
i.    Next week will be the first meeting.
ii.    Issues brought up by the commissioners: Login can be really long; In Hicks Computer Lab – statistical programs licenses are up, and the problem was inconvenient after Library Hours.
g.    Student Life Advisory Committee
i.    There was much discussion on the Posting policy including if the posters should be stamped, what information should be on the poster, and if there should be oversight to what is on the posters.

VII.    Old Business
a.    None
VIII.    New Business
a.    None
IX.    Good of the Order
a.    Class turnout for elections? The index is writing an article, look for it Thursday.
b.    Administration will be putting on a forum on the economic crisis in Olmsted on Thursday at 6 p.m.
c.    Men’s Basketball vs. Hope on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.
d.    The first Trayless Tuesday will happen tomorrow, and it will give a measurement of the environmental effects we save from going trayless.
e.    Thank you from Women’s Basketball for last Saturday’s Game!
f.    Leadership series, professor from Bowling Green. 9-12:30 in Hicks. Saturday – sign up through the Student Development.
g.    Thursday Jan. 22  will be the calendar forum. Time to be announced. Important to attend.
h.    Show up on time for the meetings!
X.    Adjournment at 21:31
a.    Motion: adjournment. Motioned by Leeor Schweitzer; seconded by Karl Wasmuth; motion carried.