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Kalamazoo College

Older Student Commission Minutes

January 20th, 2009

  • Location: Hicks 111
  • Absent: Alex Morgan, Hannah Kallewaard, Michelle Gigowski, Juli Scalf, Brad Bower, Owen Willis, Taylor Allard, Calder Burgam.
  • Guests: Holly Gillis.
  • Secretary: Derek Gianino

I.              Call to Order


II.            Roll Call

a.    Absent: Alex Morgan, Hannah Kallewaard, Michelle Gigowski, Juli Scalf, Brad Bower, Owen Willis, Taylor Allard, Calder Burgam.

b.    Guests: Holly Gillis


III.           Approval of Minutes

a.    Andrew Tyner motions to approve the minutes from 1/12/09. Leeor Schweitzer seconds.

b.    Motion carries.


IV.          Officer Business

a.    President

                                          i.        Motion to suspend the rules and proceed to budget.

1.    Andrew Tyner motions, Leeor Schweitzer seconds. Motion carries.

                                        ii.        Patrick would like to remind everyone how imperative it is to attend the weekly meetings.

b.    Finance Director

a.    None.            

c.    Vice President

a.    None

d.    Public Relations Director

a.    None 

e.    Secretary

a.   None 

V.        Internal Committee Reports

a.   Constitutional Integrity Committee

      i. New language for Article VIII presented to the Commission for approval.

a. Leeor Schweitzer would like to see explicit language instructing the forum must take place prior to any vote.

b. Richard Javier motions to approve the new Article VIII language, Leeor Schweitzer seconds the motion.

c. Matt Kufta asks about preparation/briefings taking place before the Constitutional Referendum.

d. Two-thirds of the Commission votes in favor of approval. Student Commission approves Article VIII language.

b.   Financial Policies Committee

                  a. None

c.  J.C.S.O.R.

      i. Four StuOrg applications were reviewed; one was approved, one requires further clarification, one is seeking to work within another existing StuOrg, and a third was denied.

d.   Public Relations Committee

      i. Meredith needs one more volunteer for the PR Committee.

                  a. Sarah Small volunteers.

e.  Task Force on Publication Efficiency

      i. Meeting will be taking place this week.


VI.          External Committee Reports

a.   Athletic Committee

                  a. None

b.   Dining Services Committee

                  a. None

c.   Educational Policies Committee

      i. IIM – Integrated Interdisciplinary Minors

                  a. Switching concentrations to IIMs.

                  b. Standards of interdisciplinary majors

                              1. Some feel it is too stringent.

2. Karl asks if these IIMs will have recognition outside of the college.

3. Leeor Schweitzer clarifies that having an interesting academic title may be a good marketing technique, according to EPC.

4. Leah Rumsey asks what would prevent someone from having numerous IIMs.

5. Andrea Bedway asks about LACs and whether they should still be attended.

a. Leeor mentions that LACs will probably be kept for Junior class.

d.   Experiential Education Committee

                  a. None

e.   Student Health Center Advisory Committee

i. The Health Center has a 5 minute video on proper coughing that it has to distribute.

ii. The Athletic Department has made posters regarding remaining healthy in the winter, which are ready for campus distribution.

iii. The PHAs – Peer Health Advocates who work with the Health Center and are a combination of students and staff are conducting the CORE survey which measures questions about drugs, sex, alcohol, etc. The last time the college engaged in such a survey was 10 years ago. Surveys will be distributed to mailboxes and CORE needs 400 responses for statistical significance.

a.    Andrew Tyner asks about seniors vs. underclassmen in filling out surveys.

b.    Andrea Bedway acknowledges the committee recognizes this as a potential problem.

iv. The Counseling Center will have a psychiatrist 2 afternoons per month for a total of six hours in-house.

v. SHAG will be given condoms to distribute for Monte Carlo from the Health Center.

f.    Information Services Advisory Committee

                  a. None

g.   Student Life Advisory Committee

                              a. None

VII.     Old Business


VIII.       New Business

1.    Holly Gillis, from ACS, is recognized for budget appeal regarding funding for bowling sponsored by the Chemistry and Psychology departments.

2.    Marc Korn inquires as to food policy from FPC.

a.    Alyssa McNamara responds by mentioning that funds were available and that is why food was funded.

b.    Patrick Tanis reiterates that money was available so cutting from budget requests would not be as necessary as other quarters.

c.    Leeor Schweitzer mentions that Alex Morgan notified StuOrg leaders that unless food was integral to the event it would not be funded.

3.    Andrew Tyner asks for clarification of Active Minds event with Gail Griffin and the allocation of a gift to Professor Griffin.

a.    Matt Remsen, FPC member, explains logic of committee as providing some form of thanks to Professor Griffin for her lecture and the nature of the discussion.

b.    Alyssa McNamara restates FPC policy and committee discretion on food allocation.

4.    Andrew Tyner asks if Tunnel of Oppression has an independent budget.

a.    Patrick Tanis clarifies that it does not.

5.    Marc Korn asks for progress report on Task Force on Publication Efficiency with regard to funding for the Index.

6.    Andrew Tyner asks for clarification on Habitat for Humanity advertising funds.

7.    Richard Javier asks for clarification on NetFlix funding for JSO.

a.    Matt Remsen, FPC member, explains that requested movies are rare and only available on NetFlix.

8.    Derek Gianino asks about Mud and Mayhem funding and if any issues of said publication have been distributed.

9.    Marc Korn asks about MSO funding of both advertisement and print credit requests.

a.    Matt Remsen, FPC member, mentions that surplus money was spent on these multiple advertisement requests.

b.    Alyssa reiterates need for MSO funding of two kinds of advertising methods.

10. Matt Kufta asks about religious items being funded by Student Commission.

a.    Matt Remsen, FPC member, mentions that material is indirect and goes to have the speaker come to campus.

11. Richard Javier motions to cut PR funding for MSO.

a.    No second, motion fails.

12. Andrew Tyner asks about food for College Republicans event and if it is essential for the event.

a.    Matt Remsen, FPC member, clarifies that the dinner is for the guest speaker.

13. Richard Javier inquires as to whether SHAG is able to obtain free condoms through the Health Center.

a.    Leeor Schweitzer mentions that SHAG cannot get a large amount of condoms from the Health Center, which it needs.

14. Karl Wasmuth asks about microphones for A Cappella.

a.    Clarified by FPC that the money allocated is for a rental fee.

15. Marc Korn motions to reallocate $75 removed from ACS and $125 from general fund to fully fund the bowling event.

a.    Andrea Bedway seconds.

b.    Motion carries.

16. Leeor Schweitzer motions to approve the Winter 2009 Budget.

a.    Karl Wasmuth seconds the motion.

b.    Motion passes. Winter 2009 Budget approved.


       IX.     Good of the Order

I.              Inaguration Day

                 ii. Question on Trayless Tuesday frequency

                        a. More days gets more data

b. Patrick Tanis mentions StuComm should mention any opinions or concerns to the representatives who sit on the Dining Services Committee.      

   X.    Adjournment

            i. Motion to adjourn by Richard Javier, seconded by Marc Korn.

                        a. Adjourned at 10:20 pm