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Kalamazoo College

Older Student Commission Minutes

January 26th, 2009

  • Location: Hicks 111
  • Time: 9:02 pm
  • Absent: Matt Remsen, Sarah Small, Amber Lee, and Michelle Gigowski.
  • Guests: Rob Foley and Andrew Lukas.
  • Secretary: Hannah Kallewaard
  • Keywords: minutes

Student Commission Minutes

January 26, 2009

As taken by Hannah Kallewaard, Secretary

  1. Call to Order at 21:02
  2. Roll Call

a.       Matt Remsen, Sarah Small, Amber Lee, and Michelle Gigowski were absent

b.      Rob Foley, Andrew Lukas were guests at the meeting.

III. Approval of Minutes

a.       Motion: Approve the minutes from the last meeting, 1/20.  Patrick Tanis thanked Derek Gianino for filling the duties of Secretary at the last meeting. Rico Javier motioned, Karl Wasmuth seconded. Motion Carried.

  1. Officer Business

a.       President

            i.      Patrick Tanis and Derek Gianino met with the Faculty Executive Committee to keep the lines of communication open and to discuss printing on double sides. This will be given to the Information Services Advisory Committee.

            ii.      In regards to attendance, commissioners are only allowed one unexplained absence. On the second unexplained absence there must be action taken. Please e-mail Hannah Kallewaard regarding attendance, and close copy Patrick Tanis. Work does not count as an excuse, since you were elected to the commission.

b.      Financial Director

                i.      The budget was sent out last week and the check requests have started to come in.

                ii.      Alex Morgan is looking into more accountability in regards with Media costs.

               iii.      An internal audit of where funds of the student commission go, and a report will be presented next week.

c.       Vice President

                 i.      No news this week.

d.      Public Relations Director

                 i.      Working on how to improve Student Commission’s image. If you have ideas please contact Meredith Quinlan.

e.       Secretary

                 i.      No new news this week.

  1. Internal Committee Reports
    1. Constitutional Integrity Committee

                            i.      The article will be covered in Old Business.

  1. Financial Policies Committee

                            i.      Gift Fund Requests

1.      Marissa Kilkka was approved for her request with the change of 0.04 cents per copy. $10 in total

2.      Michelle Maiuri & Logan Kinch – hoping to start a Unite for Sight Group

a.       Recommended from the FPC: $30 for Eye Exam Charts, $25 for copies (reduced from $50 requested), and no money for banners (reduced from $25 requested).

b.      Motion:  Approve the gift fund request as recommended by the FPC for a total of $55. Juli Scalf motioned; Rico Javier seconded; Discussion ensued.

                   i.      Leeor moved to amend the motion to include Banner money. Andrew Tyner seconded.

                   ii.      Discussion ensued

                   iii.      Amendment vote. Amendment Failed.

                   iv.      Vote on the motion carried.

3.      $1,935 left in Gift Fund.

                  ii.      There will be research into Media Fees, getting information to Student Organizations about adding separate accounts and general procedures regarding accounts

                  iii.      Calder Burgam will start looking at the price of standard catering charged by Sodexho to Student Organizations.

  1. J.C.S.O.R

           i.      One group has submitted application for recognition.

          ii.      The A cappella group that applied for recognition has not gotten back to the committee regarding a merge with the current A cappella group.

          iii.      The Make Stuff Club was invited to clarify information at the next JCSOR meeting.

  1. Public Relations Committee

            i.      No news other than that reported under Public Relations Director.

  1. Task Force on Publication Efficiency

           i.      Met this past week, with readership as the main focus. There are ongoing discussions regarding The Index.

  1. External Committee Reports

a.      Athletic Committee

                                                              i.      LAC Committee is meeting next week to discuss the Athletic Events that received LAC status. Pending approval, 2 events for spring quarter will be decided. The numbers will be in next week on attendance to the LAC.

                                                            ii.      The Athletic Committee is pretty slow this quarter, there is a conference next quarter with administrators, and possibly students

b.      Dining Services Committee

                                                              i.      Trayless Tuesday

1.      Rob Foley: There have been two Trayless Tuesdays which was a success with Sodexho including audits on food waste. Weeks of research will give real values from the auditing of these trayless days. Students filled out surveys after their lunch with out a tray, and the results are at the end of the minutes.

2.      Moved to 3 days to accommodate Mondays and Wednesdays because student’s schedules differ between days.

3.      Meet next Monday to discuss Trayless Monday - Wednesday.

4.      Prospective Students had indicated to the Admissions Office that the Trayless days were not good for the families.

                                                            ii.      Is there a possiblity of the cafeteria to move to a full week with outh a vote? There are numbers from the past couple of Trayless days. Please see the graph at the end of the minutes.

c.       Educational Policies Committee

                                                              i.      Meeting tomorrow, which will be reported at next week’s meeting.

d.      Experiential Education Committee

                                                              i.      Some of the staff went to the National Conference, and the Guilds were a topic of discussion with other schools that are looking to start something like it at their college or university.

                                                            ii.      Study Abroad

1.      This year, 235 students applied, and only 27 did not get into their first choice, which was 11%, for various reasons. The highest applied programs are below.

a.       17 students applied for one of the 10 seats for the Scotland program.

b.      10 students applied for one of the 2 seats for the Denmark program.

c.       Trend toward English Speaking programs is of concern to CIP

                                                          iii.      Working with Academic Advisors to be more intentional about Study Abroad starting in their first year.  Part of the effort will include an Advising Symposium.

                                                          iv.      Service Learning is planning a Student Leader led Faculty and Staff panel. This will allow faculty and staff to hear from students that have participated in Service Learning to see how the K plan is put into action in those programs.

e.       Student Health Center Advisory Committee

                                                              i.      Meet every 6 weeks, the committee will let Patrick know when the next report will occur.

f.        Information Services Advisory Committee

                                                              i.      Login times will be looked at for speeding up.

                                                            ii.      Information Services is working with some of the departments to get more licenses for Adobe for InDesign and Atlas TI.

                                                          iii.      The department is slowly integrating e-mail server from Chicago to Kalamazoo.

                                                          iv.      The entire college is moving to a system that connects all parts of the college. When registering for fall classes – you will have a lotto number instead of Smart Registration.

1.      When more information comes available there will be a report to the Student Commission.

                                                            v.      It is a possibility that students will be charged for higher bandwidths. The idea came from another university. They do currently keep an eye on how much students use currently.

g.      Student Life Advisory Committee

                                                              i.      No news

  1. Old Business

a.       Budget

                                                              i.      Only a few e-mails concerning the Budget. Please e-mail Alex about any concerns.

b.      Constitutional Referendum

                                                              i.      Election will be held Wednesday Feb. 4 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

                                                            ii.      Juli Scalf will be promoting a free and fair election.

1.      She will need help staffing the table, and counting votes.

                                                          iii.      If you are on the group to help pass the vote, then you will not be on the vote counting.

                                                          iv.      Town Hall this Friday and next Monday at 4 p.m. to give the opportunity for students to ask questions regarding the Proposal.

                                                            v.      There will be Dollar to Dollar funding to someone who would like to make posters against the Proposal.

  1. New Business

a.       The Dean of Students held a forum on the calendar.

                                                              i.      Only 8 students showed to the forum

                                                            ii.      A brief survey will go out this week regarding the calendar, and we will report the results next week.

  1. Good of the Order

a.       Derek will be taking the GRE Thursday

b.      Task force on Alcohol  - There will be a survey 5th week.

  1. Adjournment at 22:08

a.       Motion: Adjourn the meeting. Leeor Schweitzer; Karl Wasmuth seconded; Motion carried.