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Kalamazoo College

Older Student Commission Minutes

February 9th, 2009

  • Location: Hicks 111
  • Time: 9:00 pm
  • Absent: Matthew Kufta and Michelle Gigowski.
  • Guests: Brian Dietz.
  • Secretary: Hannah Kallewaard

Student Commission Minutes

February 9, 2009

As taken by Hannah Kallewaard, Secretary

I.            Call to Order 21:00

II.         Roll Call

  1. Members Absent: Matthew Kufta and Michelle Gigowski
  2. Guests: Brian Dietz

III.       Approval of Minutes

    1. Motion: Approve the minutes from 1/26/09 and 2/2/09. Motioned by Leeor Schweitzer; seconded by Matt Remsen; motion carried.
  1. Officer Business

a.    President

                                         i.    Next week, there will be a phone conference walking the Executive Committee through the ASGA website.

                                        ii.    All members will get an id and password.

1.   Do not change our profile.

                                       iii.    Dr. Paul Southerland will with Bob Conner from the Teagle Foundation.

1.   Patrick and some commissioners will meet with Bob Conner on Wednesday Feb. 11 from 10:15- 10:45 a.m. in the StuComm office

                                      iv.    An e-mail was sent to all commissioners after the Proposal A voting explaining the future of the commission and our goals. We will go forward with same plan as the past.

1.   Forming the Structural Adjustment Task Force

a.    Alex Morgan will chair the task force, with Leah Rumsey, Andrew Tyner, Meredith Quinlan, and Juli Scalf.

b.    The campus will be included in intensive discussion to clarify the constitution.

c.    The goal is to improve continuity, budgeting, etc.

d.   Looking at different models for how StuComm operates

e.    The timeline for the Task force is as follows:

                                                                                         i.    Tuesday, February 10: First Meeting of SATF (TBD)

1.   Alex Hangs Posters for Forums

2.   Alex Creates FB Event for Forums

3.   Alex Sends Email to StuOrgs

4.   Alex Sends Campus Announcement

                                                                                        ii.    Wednesday, February 11:

1.   Alex Sends Campus Announcement

                                                                                       iii.    Thursday, February 12:

1.   Open Forum for Student Brainstorming (11:30AM-12:30PM)

2.   Alex Sends Campus Announcement

                                                                                      iv.    Friday, February 13:

1.   Open Forum for Student Brainstorming (10:45AM-11:45AM)

2.   Alex Sends Campus Announcement

                                                                                        v.    Sunday, February 15:

1.   Open Forum for StuOrg Leaders (11:00AM-12:00PM)

2.   SATF Brainstorming Session (12:30PM-5:30PM)

                                                                                      vi.    Monday, February 16:

1.   SATF Update at StuComm Meeting

                                                                                     vii.    Tuesday, February 17 - Saturday, February 21:

1.   SATF Suggestions Sent To CIC

                                                                                    viii.    Sunday, February 22:

1.   Final Report Published for Monday Meeting

                                                                                      ix.    Monday, February 23:

1.   Final Report Submitted to StuComm

                                                                                        x.    Overall This is the Week by Week:

1.   Week 8 Discussion

2.   Week 9 StuComm Vote

3.   Week 10 Referendum

b.    Finance Director

                                         i.    No news.

  1. Vice President

                                         i.    Conversation with the Dean regarding the conversations with the Trustees, and the dinner of Student Commission with the Trustees.

                                        ii.    March 6, 6:15 p.m. dinner

1.   Notify if you can’t make it

2.   It will be a formal event

d.   Public Relations Director

                                         i.    StuComm will be sponsoring the Men’s Basketball game this Saturday. There is a sign up sheet going around to sign up to help pass hot dogs and popcorn out.

                                        ii.    Rico Javier recommends that there is a Valentines Theme to the game.

e.    Secretary

                                         i.    No news.

V.           Internal Committee Reports

a.    Constitutional Integrity Committee

                                         i.    Nothing at this time.

b.    Financial Policies Committe

                                         i.    No new news.

c.    J.C.S.O.R.

                                         i.    Meeting on Thursday to review applications in queue.

d.   Public Relations Committee

                                         i.    Biggby’s is donating Hot chocolate and coffee during 8th week.

e.    Task Force on Publication Efficiency

                                         i.    Nothing new at this time.

VI.        External Committee Reports

a.    Athletic Committee

                                         i.    No new news.

b.    Dining Services Committee

                                         i.    Next 2 weeks of partial tray-less, then weeks 8 & 9 go fully tray-less.

                                        ii.    9th week will have a vote/survey to give information to the president to make a decision to go tray-less or stay tray-less.

                                       iii.    Dana Jansma asked about website versus paper voting, paper will be the way to go.

                                      iv.    When looking at the cafeteria for “a-la-carte”, it would be more expensive. Students currently pay $10/day to Sodexho + slightly more than $10 to the College. 1/6 to Breakfast, 2/6 to Lunch and 3/6 to dinner.

1.   Copy of Sodexho’s contract is requested so we can look at how it works out for students.

c.    Educational Policies Committee

                                         i.    There was to be a vote today on how to move into the new curriculum; did not happen today. Hopefully by 8th week students will know about this.

                                        ii.    Discussion on LACs, and specifics are still being discussed.

                                       iii.    New Courses are still coming in, not all new ones are properly updated on the schedule.

d.   Experiential Education Committee

                                         i.    Check campus announcements for some exciting news.

e.    Guilds Council

                                         i.    Looking to form subcommittees.

f.     Information Services Advisory Committee

                                         i.    Mailbox moves

1.   Working on scheduling. It takes an hour per mailbox to move it, they need to do it during unbusy hours. Can students voluntarily sign up an hour to do it?

2.   Could they do a voluntary sign up for moving mailboxes?

3.   For students who are having problems with accessing their e-mail check out:

a.    If you still have problems go to the Help Desk

4.   Double sided printing – instructions in every lab. If it is switched to default double sided printing, and you print one page, then you would be charged $0.15 instead of $0.10. Currently 25 % of all printing is duplex.

5.   Electronic Reserves – if you have problems, circulation desk will help.

  1. Student Health Center Advisory Committee

                                         i.    CORE surveys stopped on Friday, and they were sent for analysis.

                                        ii.    Over 300 surveys were completed.

  1. Student Life Advisory Committee

                                         i.    Halls would be closed for 2-week break. This might be a problem for out of state students.

1.   Looking to change the housing policy from the international student rule to students who live 500 or 250 miles away from campus to be able to stay in the halls during breaks.

                                        ii.    Alcohol Task force met on the 3rd of Feb. Looking at research in an assessment in Spring Quarter.

                                       iii.    Discussed

1.   Tray-less days

2.   Ways for students to complain online

3.   Physical Suggestion Box

4.   Student Commission Town Hall for complaints

5.   Make Community Commissioners more prominent in the dorms.

  1. Alcohol Task Force

                                         i.    Look over current alcohol policy, what it means, how different groups might have different ideas.

                                        ii.    Look into the drinking culture at K.

                                       iii.    The task force will look into more direct topics in the upcoming weeks.

                                      iv.    Looking to know the policy and punishments known.

VII.      Old Business

  1. Calendar Proposal

                                         i.    There was no further discussion.

  1. Constitutional Referendum

                                         i.    Covered plans under Presidential news.

VIII.   New Business

  1. Campus Forum

                                         i.    Confirmed for 7th week Wednesday (18th) at 6 p.m. in Olmstead Room.

                                        ii.    Pizza will be served. The more students there, the better.

  1. Campus Survey

                                         i.    Karl will head up this quarters survey.

                                        ii.    Ideas for the survey:

1.   LACs

2.   Double sided printing as default

3.   Athletic Events as LACs

4.   Do you know that StuComm holds a Triathlon in the spring?

5.   Smoking policy

6.   Questions on the Index

7.   Security cameras and phones

  1. Complaints about the Monte Carlo night.

                                         i.    The entrance was backed up

                                        ii.    There was no exit until everyone entered

                                       iii.    There were many searches and an inability to re-enter

                                      iv.    Complaints about the theme

1.   Many students felt that the theme was culturally insensitive

                                        v.    Students are curious on how much was spent

                                      vi.    Next year would it be possible to possibly vote on theme?

  1. Farms to K is upset about funding

                                         i.    Student Commission does not fund organizations that are under the responsibility of departments. Farms to K is under the Mary Jane Underwood Stryker Institute for Service Learning because the leader is under scholarship to direct the organization.

                                        ii.    Heard about a petition. Possibly see this soon.

                                       iii.    Model UN and Farms to K’s budgets were not accepted because they fall outside of StuComm’s funding eligibility guidelines. These organizations were notified before the budgeting process about the funding.

                                      iv.    Leeor Schweitzer recommended that there be notification of organizations that cannot receive funding, and a discussion held to keep everyone informed.

  1. Women’s Lacrosse Team

                                         i.    The organization has had trouble with finding a budget.

                                        ii.    They could be recognized as an organization, but cannot be funded at this time, for any competitive organizations.

IX.        Good of the Order

  1. Blood drive tomorrow
  2. Women’s last home game on Wednesday. Also it’s senior day.

X.           Adjournment 22:17

  1. Motion: Adjourn the meeting. Motioned by Karl Wasmuth, Seconded by Andrew Tyner. Motion carried.