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Kalamazoo College

Older Student Commission Minutes

February 16th, 2009

  • Location: Hicks 111
  • Time: 9:00 pm
  • Absent: Matthew Kufta and Michelle Gigowski.
  • Guests: Mary Jo Newnum, Andrew Lukas, Heather M. Myers, Nikki Baker, Holly Anderson, Leslie Petrovich, Rob Foley, Jon Smart, Carolyn DeChants, Natalie Hickmen, Abigail Ahlberg, Anna Witte, Ellen Murphy, Toni Skalican, Nathania Dallas, and Nick Kelly.
  • Secretary: Hannah Kallewaard
  • Keywords: minutes, february 16, stucomm minutes

Student Commission Minutes

February 16, 2009

As taken by Hannah Kallewaard, Secretary

I.            Call to Order 21:00

II.         Roll Call

  1. Members Absent: Matthew Kufta and Michelle Gigowski
  2. Guests: Mary Jo Newnum, Andrew Lukas, Heather M. Myers, Nikki Baker, Holly Anderson, Leslie Petrovich, Rob Foley, Jon Smart, Carolyn DeChants, Natalie Hickmen, Abigail Ahlberg, Anna Witte, Ellen Murphy, Toni Skalican, Nathania Dallas, and Nick Kelly.

III.       Approval of Minutes

    1. Motion: Approve the minutes from 2/16/09. Motioned by Karl Wasmuth; seconded by Rico Javier; motion carried.
  1. Officer Business

a.    President

                                         i.    Next week executive board will talk to ASGA.

                                        ii.    Farms to K discussion.

b.    Finance Director

                                         i.    No news.

  1. Vice President

                                         i.    No news.

d.   Public Relations Director

                                         i.    No news.

e.    Secretary

                                         i.    No news.

V.           Internal Committee Reports

a.    Constitutional Integrity Committee

                                         i.    Next week By-Laws will be added for the budgeting section regarding the internal audit to be performed once a quarter.

b.    Financial Policies Committee

                                         i.    Anticipated a Gift Fund request to come in; it did not. Next meeting for FPC is on Monday at 5:15 p.m.

c.    J.C.S.O.R.

                                         i.    Received two new organization application

1.   Make Stuff Club

a.    Explained it as an engineering club to incorporate physics etc. Anyone can come together to work on a project. He will type up a narrowed focus with a new mission statement on the organization to present to the committee.

2.   Latin Dance Club

a.    Approved and recommended to FPC for funding next quarter since they turned in their application before 5th week.

3.   Birth of Venus

a.    Art therapy and open discussion for women

b.    The committee suggested to work with POWER, if this doesn’t work, then will review as a separate organization

c.    The nature and focus of the Birth of Venus group gave the impression to the committee that they should look to have POWER adopt the group. If the merge does not happen, then the group will be looked at again for organization status.

4.   Make Stuff Club follows all legal guidelines – double checking guidelines/rules.

d.   Public Relations Committee

                                         i.    85-90 vouchers were redeemed at the Men’s Basketball Game.

                                        ii.    8th week Wednesday we’ll be passing out hot chocolate and coffee; next week there will be a sign up sheet.

                                       iii.    Website suggestions

1.   Games?

e.    Structural Adjustment Task Force

                                         i.    At the meeting held last week, the purpose was outlined.

1.   3 open forums were held; 3 people attend them – 1 at each.

                                        ii.    A model was made during the meeting, and it will be brought forward to the committee along with other proposed models.

f.     Task Force on Publication Efficiency

                                         i.    The task force has looked into the readership of Index.

                                        ii.    Found around 400 papers left over each week

                                       iii.    The committee will be talking to both the Gazette about the printing contract, and with the editors about the way the Index is publicized.

                                      iv.    Next week the Task Force will make a final recommendation.

VI.        External Committee Reports

a.    Alcohol Task Force

                                         i.    Met on Friday.

                                        ii.    Currently the Task Force is discussing the culture around drinking at K. If you have insightful opinions about students: where/why students on and off campus drink. You can submit information about this anonymously.

                                       iii.    Focus groups – students to give opinion. Waiting to get results from CORE survey. Results to come in at the end of this quarter.

b.    Athletic Committee

                                         i.    Nothing new. Down the road, looking at preparing for the triathlon. Ideas on Triathlon to Marc.

c.    Dining Services Committee

                                         i.    Mark Wilson cannot disclose the contract between Sodexho and K College. Trying to get a hold of Tom Ponto to get a hold of the contract.

d.   Educational Policies Committee

                                         i.    Currently working on different models for the seminars

e.    Experiential Education Committee

                                         i.    Joan Hawxhurst named the new director Center for Career and Professional services. There will be a melding of the Guilds into career development. Basic tools to get hired. Relations with people outside. Job shadows, internships, and externships.

  1. Student Health Center Advisory Committee

                                         i.    Nothing new.

  1. Student Life Advisory Committee

                                         i.    Nothing new.

VII.      Old Business

  1. Campus Forum

                                         i.    Joan Hawxhurst will be attending. The forum will be in the Recital Hall at 6 p.m. on Wednesday.

                                        ii.    There will be a Facebook event

  1. Campus Survey

                                         i.    Will go out this week, with results in the next two weeks.

VIII.   New Business

  1. Farms to K

                                         i.    Rob Foley: There is a request to clarify the By-Law 6.2.5, especially the meaning of responsibility in the clause. Additionally, we request that if a student organization is not recommended for funding either in a particular quarter or ever, that it is made clear with the organization.

1.   These concerns have been brought forth to Student Commission because we are concerned that the interpretation of the By-Laws interferes with the cooperation between other Student Organizations and Groups within the Kalamazoo Community.

2.   We articulate now that we want to be treated like other student organizations, in the ability to request money for funding from Student Commission.

                                        ii.    Alex Morgan: Holly Anderson is an employee of the Mary Jane Stryker Institue for Service Learning. Because of her employment through the college and how this provides funding for the organization, it disqualifies the group for funding through Student Commission. The organization is welcome to apply to the gift fund for funding.

                                       iii.    Rob Foley: Can Farms to K change it’s leadership, and then possibly be able to ask for funding?

1.   An evaluation of the organization’s functionality must be completed in order to securely say that the organization can receive funding.

                                      iv.    Patrick Tanis: These types of appeals are usually made in the appropriate committee, since that is how student commission works. It would be best if this conversation was continued in the FPC and CIC meetings.

                                        v.    Rico Javier: Does this By-Law limit the organization’s ability to work with other organizations or financially work with other organizations?

1.   Rob Foley: For Faculty and Staff members, it is a disincentive to fund certain student organizations.

                                      vi.    Nathania Dallas: Will the conversation result in clarification or changes in By-laws? A majority of our funding does not come from the Mary Jane Stryker Institute for Service Learning.

1.    Patrick Tanis: Cannot guarantee any changes in the By-laws will occur.

                                     vii.    Motion: Table the conversation about Farms to K until they have met with the FPC. Rico Javier motioned; Juli Scalf seconded; motion carried.

                                    viii.    Additional Comments:

1.   The By-Law should be discussed and clarified, as well as clarification of circumstances with the Student Organization Leader, Holly Anderson. An additional conversation with Allison Geist will happen to find out where exactly their funding comes from and how much of it.

2.   FPC will bring ideas to the commission for discussion before any decision is made.

3.   It is known that Student Commission often answers things with “it’s because of our By-Laws” and don’t explain anything past that. It would be good to further discuss the By-Laws with the Farms to K group.

IX.        Good of the Order

  1. Men’s & Women’s swimming compete Wed- Sat at Notre Dame
  2. Good Luck to Fellow Political Science majors on their Comprehensive exams.
  3. Thank you to the commission for being understanding for absences (Michelle G.)

X.           Adjournment 21:49

  1. Motion: Adjourn the meeting. Motioned by Andrew Tyner; seconded by Matthew Remsen; motion carried.