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Kalamazoo College

Older Student Commission Minutes

February 23rd, 2009

  • Location: Hicks 111
  • Time: 9:00 pm
  • Absent: Amber Lee and Taylor Allard.
  • Guests: Rob Foley.
  • Secretary: Hannah Kallewaard
  • Keywords: student commission minutes, february 23, 2009

Student Commission Minutes

February 23, 2009

As taken by Hannah Kallewaard, Secretary

I.            Call to Order 21:00

II.         Roll Call

  1. Members Absent: Amber Lee and Taylor Allard.
  2. Guests: Rob Foley.

III.       Approval of Minutes

    1. Motion: Approve the minutes from 2/16/09. Motioned by Leeor Schweitzer; seconded by Rico Javier; motion carried.
  1. Officer Business

a.    President – Patrick Tanis

                                         i.    Executive Committee had a conference call with Butch Oxendine, the Executive Director of the American Student Government Association (ASGA).

                                        ii.    Derek Gianino, Alex Morgan, and Patrick Tanis will meet with the President of the College, the Dean of Students, & the Dean of Student Activities.

                                       iii.    Patrick was asked to appoint a member to the Lux Esto Awards Committee for a 2-3 year term. Alyssa McNamara has been nominated.

1.   Motion: Appoint Alyssa McNamara to the Lux Esto Awards Committee. Motioned by Leeor Schweitzer; Seconded by Rico Javier; Motion carried.

                                      iv.    Do not use laptops at the meeting unless you have received permission from Hannah Kallewaard.

b.    Finance Director – Alex Morgan

                                         i.    Currently preparing for transition to the Spring Quarter with check requests from student organizations. Want the numbers that were spent this quarter so that we can prepare the budget for next quarter.

                                        ii.    Talked to Kate Leishman about student organizations, and having mandatory meetings to check in with the groups.

  1. Vice President – Derek Gianino

                                         i.    Finalized list of people who will be meeting with the trustees. Two of the topics include:

1.   Role of Student Government

2.   Quality of Academic Advising

d.   Public Relations Director – Meredith Quinlan

                                         i.    Working to update the website. Sat down with Patrick Tanis to go over the website. If you have ideas regarding what should be put on the website, let Meredith know.

                                        ii.    Student Commission will be passing out hot chocolate and coffee for an hour on Friday in front of Hicks.

e.    Secretary – Hannah Kallewaard

                                         i.    No new news.

V.           Internal Committee Reports

a.    Constitutional Integrity Committee – Derek Gianino

                                         i.    E-mailed the document regarding the CIC’s stance on the Farms to K issue to all student commissioners and the FPC for further discussion with the student organization group.

b.    Financial Policies Committee – Alex Morgan

                                         i.    Discussed Farms to K (this will be covered in Old Business). Waiting for specific documents on Holly Anderson’s duties etc. at the Mary Jane Stryker Center.

                                        ii.    Gift Fund Requests. Currently left in the Gift fund is $1762.60.

1.   Danielle Miller is asking for $1,539 for the Tunnel of Oppression, which is sponsored by many student organizations. 

2.   The most significant cost is for tarps to set up the structure. They are also asking for money for Sodexho catering for snacks, additional decorating, advertising, and media.

3.   FPC recommends that the commission fund the media, snacks, decorating, and advertising.

a.    In previous years they had used black butcher paper, if they do not receive funding for the tarps they will ask for money from student development. The tarps were asked for sustainability in future years.

b.    The recommended amount is $300 in total.

c.    Motion: Follow the suggestion of the FPC to fund $300. Motioned by Marc Korn; seconded by Leeor Schweitzer; motion carried.

4.   $1462.60 left in gift fund

5.   Emily Walker (along with 32 other K students) want to attend Power Shift, a National Youth Convention on Environmental Issues.

a.    Group registration: 26 units x $35 = $910

b.    Individual registration: 6 units x $40 = $240

c.    Transportation for 32 by sharing a bus with another school = 32 x $15 = $480

d.   Total requested $1,630

e.    FPC recommends $910 for group and $240 for individual registration, but no funding for the transportation, for a total of $1,150.

f.     Motion: Approval of the registration without transportation, for a total of $1,150 to the students that will attend Power Shift. Motioned by Andrew Tyner; seconded by Juli Scalf; motion carried.

6.   $312.60 is left in the gift fund.

c.    J.C.S.O.R. – Derek Gianino

                                         i.    Meeting on Thursday, will report next week on the meeting.

d.   Public Relations Committee – Meredith Quinlan

                                         i.    Covered in Public Relations Director business.

e.    Structural Adjustment Task Force – Alex Morgan

                                         i.    Waiting to meet with Patrick Tanis to discuss the report

f.     Task Force on Publication Efficiency – Alyssa McNamara

                                         i.    No new news.

VI.        External Committee Reports

a.    Alcohol Task Force – Meredith Quinlan

                                         i.    Did not meet this week

b.    Athletic Committee – Marc Korn

                                         i.    No new news.

c.    Dining Services Committee – Calder Burgam

                                         i.    There was no meeting. Currently in contact to figure out the amount that the commuters pay to get more information about the cost to students in the cafeteria.

d.   Educational Policies Committee – Leeor Schweitzer

                                         i.    Long and exciting debate about interdisciplinary majors. Further work will be done on creating requirements for those majors. Sophomore and Senior seminars must be outlined before times can be brought forth, especially regarding what quarter(s) they will be available. Meet tomorrow to discuss these items in further detail.

e.    Experiential Education Committee – Juli Scalf

                                         i.    Did not meet this week.

f.     Information Services Advisory Committee – Brad Bower

                                         i.    Nothing new. E-mail accounts are continuing to be transferred.

  1. Student Health Center Advisory Committee – Andrea Bedway

                                         i.    No meeting.

  1. Student Life Advisory Committee – Karl Wasmuth

                                         i.    Thursday the 5th of March will be the next meeting.

VII.      Old Business

  1. Campus Forum

                                         i.    Suggestions for next forum include

1.   More aggressive moderation.

2.   Obtaining statements from the faculty beforehand and have them either in a document to be passed out or available visibly at the forum instead of wasting time updating the students that attend the forum.

3.   Give ways for the panel to be reached to “argue.”

                                        ii.    Alex Morgan: The forum was highly successful with a high attendance.

                                       iii.    It felt like people wanted to argue about things instead of getting information and asking about their problems, which was really unproductive, and wasted our staff and administrators time.

  1. Farms to K

                                         i.    What does it mean to be guaranteed source of funding from a department?

1.   Guaranteed source of funding from a department means that an organization is guaranteed a set amount of funds from a department. To ensure equity across all student organizations, Student Commission will not fund those organizations. For example, if the Political Science department gave College Democrats and Republicans 1K a quarter, then it would be “guaranteed funding”

                                        ii.    FPC met with Nikki Baker, Rob Foley, and Holly Anderson. Outlined Holly’s duties as a scholar and outlined budgeting process. Heard many different things regarding this.

1.   As soon as Holly submits this information there will be another meeting to discuss this.

VIII.   New Business

  1. Campus Survey Results

                                         i.    See them on the website.

  1. Resolution Act to support Joan Hawxhurst

                                         i.    Sponsored by Alex Morgan

                                        ii.    Leeor Schweitzer, Meridith Quinlan, and Juli Scalf co-sponsored.

1.   Motion to approve: Leeor Schweitzer; seconded by Karl Wasmuth; motion carried.

  1. Upcoming Crystal Ball

                                         i.    Students are afraid that if the same type of crack down that was done on Monte Carlo regarding alcohol, they feel that there could be lack of attendance.

                                        ii.    Maybe talk to Kaleidoscope about what plans are in motion.

                                       iii.    People over 21 should be able to use their right to legally drink.

IX.        Good of the Order

  1. Wish a happy Große Montag, Fat Tuesday, & Ash Wednesday
  2. Luck to anyone who might be finding out about Teach for America tomorrow.
  3. Swim team 2nd place at MIAA; women’s 3rd. Best showing for the teams.
  4. Hannah Kallewaard was accepted to UCSB today for a PhD program.

X.           Adjournment 21:43

  1. Motion: Adjourn the meeting. Motioned by Leeor Schweitzer; seconded by Karl Wasmuth; motion carried.