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Kalamazoo College

Older Student Commission Minutes

March 2nd, 2009

  • Location: Hicks 111
  • Time: 9:00 pm
  • Absent: Owen Willis, Amber Lee, Matthew Remsen, Leeor Schweitzer, and Karl Wasmuth.
  • Guests: Rob Foley.
  • Secretary: Hannah Kallewaard
  • Keywords: student commission minutes, march 2, 2009

Student Commission Minutes

March 2, 2009

As taken by Hannah Kallewaard, Secretary

I.            Call to Order 21:00

II.         Roll Call

  1. Members Absent: Owen Willis, Amber Lee, Matthew Remsen, Leeor Schweitzer, and Karl Wasmuth.
  2. Guests: Rob Foley.

III.       Approval of Minutes

a.    Two sets of minutes will be approved next week.

IV.        Officer Business

a.    President – Patrick Tanis

                                         i.    Met with the president and the Dean, nothing really to report. They like to check in on the Commission.

                                        ii.    Sustainability luncheon; Group from WMU and mayors. Community Leaders talking about sustainable practices. There is a sustainability convent draft. Will be more information once a finalized version becomes available.

                                       iii.    This weekend will be meeting with Trustees and Alumni Association Executive Board.

1.   Some concerns about the “4 and Forever” events. Needs some re-branding, especially some updating. Work with Erin Mazzoni (K’07) on the re-branding.

b.    Finance Director – Alex Morgan

                                         i.    E-mail to Stu Org leaders went out this week. The information regarded both check requests and mandatory meetings.

1.   Check requests due by next Tuesday to put together the finances for next quarter.

                                        ii.    Met with Kate Leishman. Next quarter the mandatory meeting will be together instead of separate. Two options for one leader of the organizations to come to the meeting.

  1. Vice President – Derek Gianino

                                         i.    Student Trustee Dinner is this Friday

1.   6:15 p.m. Stone Room

2.   Business Attire

a.    Tie for men; equivalent for women.

d.   Public Relations Director – Meredith Quinlan

                                         i.    Hot chocolate and Coffee Event went well. People seemed happy to get the free hot chocolate and the coffee. More people took the hot chocolate than the coffee. Thanks to people who helped out.

e.    Secretary – Hannah Kallewaard

                                         i.    No new news.

V.           Internal Committee Reports

a.    Constitutional Integrity Committee – Derek Gianino

                                         i.    No new news

b.    Financial Policies Committee – Alex Morgan

                                         i.    $100 Gift Fund Request from Kaleidoscope. Showing in conj. Milk. Want to do an additional showing on Saturday night. Want to do Milk and Cookies. $10 for advertising and $90 for Milk and Cookies. Recommended by the FPC for the full amount.

                                        ii.    Motion: Approve the $100 requested by Kaleidoscope for the Milk and Cookies event. Motioned by Marc Korn; Seconded by Rico Javier; Motion carried.

                                       iii.    $212.60 left in the gift fund.

c.    J.C.S.O.R. – Derek Gianino

                                         i.    Last meeting – currently student groups have to fill out a form to form a student group. The form once updated will be available in the Student Development Suite.

d.   Public Relations Committee – Meredith Quinlan

                                         i.    Nothing new.

e.    Structural Adjustment Task Force – Alex Morgan

                                         i.    E-mailed ASGA to get some ideas, and hopefully some ideas will come out of the help, and be presented next week.

f.     Task Force on Publication Efficiency – Alyssa McNamara

                                         i.    Finalizing things to make recommendation next week.

VI.        External Committee Reports

a.    Alcohol Task Force – Meredith Quinlan

                                         i.    Met on Friday by looking at the questions asked on the CORE survey. Next time it custom questions can be created on a CORE survey.

                                        ii.    Mostly discussed Crystal Ball regarding security. Maybe instead of a prohibitionist view point, changing it so that there is more information regarding low and high risk behavior so that students can make informed decisions.

                                       iii.    Any ideas about security.

1.   Need that many for that large of an event. The patting down will not happen again.

b.    Athletic Committee – Marc Korn

                                         i.    Will meet tomorrow.

                                        ii.    The LAC committee approved two tennis matches for Spring Quarter. Dates are not yet set. Mid to late April.

                                       iii.    Possibly do a dinner sponsored by the Women’s Basketball team at a Baseball game to increase attendance.

c.    Dining Services Committee – Calder Burgam

                                         i.    Nothing new

d.   Educational Policies Committee – Andrew Tyner

                                         i.    Ongoing discussions on Sophomore and Senior Seminars. Faculty feedback on these seminars. Also finalized the recommendations for individual interdisciplinary majors. Min 3.0 GPA for major. Must be approved by an approval committee. You couldn’t do another major if you do an individual interdisciplinary major.

e.    Experiential Education Committee – Juli Scalf

                                         i.    Discussed Senior and Sophomore seminars; making some recommendations for the meeting tomorrow.

                                        ii.    Encouraged to work with the community, guilds, or service learning.

                                       iii.    Discussed LACs and their place in the curriculum. Refocus under Experiential Education. Try to make them more effective by creating guidelines and a Theme to bring them together as a whole. Have them correspond with coursework.

                                      iv.    Approved a Study Abroad for Faculty. Expanding ancient Roman Empire. Dr. Haekle will be visiting Spanish Study Abroad sites. For her Sophomore seminar.

f.     Information Services Advisory Committee – Brad Bower

                                         i.    Discussed budget cuts and how it will impact IS.

                                        ii.    Copies of Atlas IS and Adobe.

                                       iii.    Change Font size on the e-mail – is this possible, since the font size seems to be very small. Using Firefox and Safari as the Browser.

                                      iv.    Excellent Help from the Help Desk today for Rico Javier.

  1. Student Health Center Advisory Committee – Andrea Bedway

                                         i.    Meeting was on past Friday. Nothing new. Looking at trying to do a sleep promotion. More information will be gathered.

  1. Student Life Advisory Committee

                                         i.    No new information.

VII.      Old Business

  1. Farms to K

                                         i.    Needs time to gather all the information requested, but anticipate discussing this next Monday to discuss this issue.

VIII.   New Business

  1. Resolution sponsored by Meredith Quinlan and Andrew Tyner to support tray-less cafeteria.

                                         i.    Motion: Approve the Resolution. Rico Javier motioned; Andrew Tyner seconded; motion carried by a vote of 11 to 7 with one abstention.

IX.        Good of the Order

  1. Yesterday March 1, MSU clinched Big Ten Title pending they win against Indiana University.
  2. Symphonic Band Concert following the Student Trustee Dinner on Friday at 8 p.m. in Dalton Theater. It’s an LAC.

X.           Adjournment 21:45

  1. Motion: Adjourn the meeting. Motioned by Calder Burgam; Seconded by Matthew Kufta. Motion carried.