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Kalamazoo College

Older Student Commission Minutes

March 9th, 2009

  • Location: Hicks 111
  • Time: 9:04 pm
  • Absent: Owen Willis.
  • Guests: Rob Foley and Andrew Lukas.
  • Secretary: Hannah Kallewaard
  • Keywords: Student Commission Minutes

Student Commission Minutes

March 9, 2009

As taken by Hannah Kallewaard, Secretary

I.            Call to Order 21:04

II.         Roll Call

  1. Members Absent: Owen Willis
  2. Guests: Rob Foley and Andrew Lukas.

III.       Approval of Minutes

a.    Motion: Approve the minutes from 2/23 and 3/2. Motioned by Leeor Schweitzer, Seconded by Marc Korn; Motion approved.

IV.        Officer Business

a.    President – Patrick Tanis

                                         i.    Last meeting of the quarter. If you are not in a year-long position then you need to run for reelection. Elections will be on Wednesday of 1st week of Spring quarter.

                                        ii.    Somewhat of a proposal on structure. Comes from SAGA advising.

1.   1st Aspect: Have 5 executive members elected in the spring. Secretary of finance, public relations, and records, along with the President and Vice President

2.   5 commissioners elected for each class.  From those 20 students, 5 will be appointed for yearlong positions as heads of committees. Those would be yearlong. These students would be responsible to schedule a weekly meeting with their members of their committee.

3.   All other commissioners would be reelected every quarter.

4.   Discussion:

a.    Wasmuth: 5 from each class – would you expect 5 from each class level? Especially in relation to study abroad.

                                                                                         i.    They would have to be appointed if they were not elected/ there were not enough to run.

b.    McNamara: How would the budget be changed?

                                                                                         i.    The specifics wouldn’t be looked at immediately because the Budget is on the By-laws; where as we’re trying to change the constitution. There is a look at a rolling budget to have some money to be spent after each quarter. It would come down to Alex, FPC, and the new FPC to come up with a new proposal.

c.    Tyner: What is the next step?

                                                                                         i.    Talk about that in the new business. This will be incorporated into a constitution.

b.    Finance Director – Alex Morgan

                                         i.    Check requests are due tomorrow at 5 p.m. E-mails have been going out to remind Student Leaders. There is a required meeting during first week to talk about what is going on during Spring Quarter. There will be more e-mails to remind leaders.

  1. Vice President – Derek Gianino

                                         i.    Thanks to everyone who participated in the conversations and the dinner.

                                        ii.    Trustee Committee Meetings

                                       iii.    Advancement committee – Patrick Tanis

1.   State of fundraising in the economic stance.

                                      iv.    Academic Affairs – Tyner

1.   Faculty changes, Advising, Curriculum. Some of the same conversations we’ve been having.

                                        v.    Buildings and Grounds – Kallewaard

1.   Renovations to different buildings to help save energy. Looked at how long it had been since the last renovation, and how much it would cost to renovate the different buildings.

                                      vi.    Investment Committee – Morgan

1.   Cambridge Associates were hired back in November, they also attended the meeting. They are done shifting investments. Looks like the downward trend will hopefully start leveling out. Looking at projections. Looking to hit up Alumni (00-02 was successful) to help kick up the endowment.

2.   Hedge funds – no Bernie Mac Funds

3.   Pushed off the final approval of the budget for spring quarter.

4.   Wait and see approach.

d.   Public Relations Director – Meredith Quinlan

                                         i.    At the student trustee conversations – how to improve the public relations portion.

1.   Improve our website.

2.   Boxes for comments?

3.   The connection between students and Student commission.

e.    Secretary – Hannah Kallewaard

                                         i.    No new news.

V.           Internal Committee Reports

a.    Constitutional Integrity Committee – Derek Gianino

                                         i.    Informed by Konig that the agreement with Faculty about student representative voting was being changed. They didn’t intend for us to sit in on the faculty committees

                                        ii.    Don’t want students to vote on curricular issues.

                                       iii.    Wrote up a list of problems and read it off at FPC meeting.

                                      iv.    Next Step in New Business.

                                        v.    Had a conversation with the Provost, and is supportive of the situation.

b.    Financial Policies Committee – Alex Morgan

                                         i.    Met today; 2 Gift Fund requests.

                                        ii.    Was $212.60 remaining in Gift Fund

                                       iii.    Frelon asking for

1.   $72 for floor tape (for 9 rolls)

2.   Approved 3-0-1

                                      iv.    $140.60 remaining in Gift Fund

                                        v.    Chrissy Widmayer – doing a SIP presentation on April 5th wants to bring in Chenille Sisters from Ann Arbor

1.   $1,000 for the group.

2.   FPC recommends that she ask next quarter for the money, as the check requests are due tomorrow for the quarter, and her activity is happening next quarter.

3.   Motion to follow FPC’s recommendation. Motioned by Leeor Schweitzer, Seconded by Brad Bower; Motion carried.

                                      vi.    $140.60 will roll over to next quarter.

                                     vii.    Holly Anderson sent breakdowns

1.   $200 Alumni relations

2.   $200 from Guilds

3.   $80 Mary Jane

4.   Movie Event

5.   Job Description – CES application packet.

                                    viii.    Opinion is that they are not eligible for funding.

c.    J.C.S.O.R. – Derek Gianino

                                         i.    Meeting last Thursday and this Friday. Some guidelines that were not existent that will be helpful in guiding the committee on approving a student organization. The draft will be discussed on Friday.

d.   Public Relations Committee – Meredith Quinlan

                                         i.    Nothing new.

e.    Task Force on Publication Efficiency – Alyssa McNamara

                                         i.    Recommend that the number of printed papers from 1,000 to 650 – $588 less each quarter. Had been counting papers that were left over each week, which averaged about 400. They were receptive of the idea.

VI.        External Committee Reports

a.    Alcohol Task Force – Meredith Quinlan

                                         i.    Did not meet this week

b.    Athletic Committee – Kelly Lepper

                                         i.    New evaluation for coaches at the end of the season. Put together a survey about the Athletic department for feedback in general.

c.    Dining Services Committee – Calder Burgam

                                         i.    Vote on Trayless on Tuesday. Voting and recommendation will be put together on Thursday, will be sent out.

                                        ii.    When will the decision be made? Not sure.

d.   Educational Policies Committee – Leeor Schweitzer

                                         i.    Last meeting about specifying actions that went i front of the Faculty meeting. The voted things will come out tomorrow morning, and will be sent out.

e.    Experiential Education Committee – Juli Scalf

                                         i.    nothing new

f.     Information Services Advisory Committee – Brad Bower

                                         i.    Nothing new.

                                        ii.    Print Credits are on the dollar sign at the bottom.

  1. Student Health Center Advisory Committee – Andrea Bedway

                                         i.    No new news.

  1. Student Life Advisory Committee - 

                                         i.    Met. Summed up the year. Will meet next quarter.

VII.      Old Business

  1. None

VIII.   New Business

  1. Resolutions: (See online.)

                                         i.    ATM – supported by Alex Morgan.

1.   Motion to approve the resolution. Motioned by Marc Korn; Seconded by Will Cheatum; Motion carried.

2.   It helps the Dean know that there is support to move the ATM for next school year.

                                        ii.    Constitutional Convention – supported by Alex Morgan, Hannah Kallewaard, Juli Scalf, and Derek Gianino.

1.   Motion to approve the resolution: Motioned by Andrew Tyner, Seconded by Karl Wasmuth; Motion Carried.

2.   Discussion:

a.    Advertising this before the end of the quarter

b.    Need to say to leaders and people around campus that you should be there because it directly affects you.

c.    The new document will be approved by it’s new guidelines, not the old document.

d.   Hopefully the new document will be approved by the end of Spring Quarter.

e.    There will be a draft prior to the convention.

f.     The resolution is the steps to going down a path that will get us to a working constitution.

                                       iii.    Student Voting on Faculty Committees – Supported by Derek Gianino, Juli Scalf, and Leeor Schweitzer.

1.   Motion to approve the resolution. Motioned by Andrew Tyner; Seconded by Matthew Remsen; Motion Carried.

  1. See the resolutions before the meeting next quarter. A draft beforehand to the commission would get more co-sponsors, and get them passed.

IX.        Good of the Order

  1. Congratulate on finishing the quarter, good luck on exams, have a rejuvenating spring quarter.
  2. Voice your opinion on the Trayless cafeteria outside of the Game Room from 8-8.

X.           Adjournment 22:03

  1. Motion: Adjourn the meeting. Motioned by Andrew Tyner; Seconded by Karl Wasmuth; Motion carried.