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Kalamazoo College

Older Student Commission Minutes

April 6th, 2009

  • Location: Hicks 111
  • Time: 9:01 pm
  • Absent: Rico Javier.
  • Secretary: Thomas Turner

Student Commission Meeting Minutes

April 6, 2009

       I.      Call to Order: 9:01

    II.      Roll Call

 III.      Approval of Minutes

a.       No minutes to approve

 IV.      Officer Business

a.       President-Patrick Tanis

                                                              i.      All new members sworn in

                                                            ii.      Appointments- Motion (Tyner) and Seconded (Remsen). Unanimously Carried

1.      VP- Meredith Quinlan

2.      PR Director-Andrea Bedway

3.      Chair Information Services –Owen Willis

4.      Information Service-Matt Kufta

5.      Campus Community Commissioner- W. Dane Carey

6.      Chair, Constitutional Integrity Committee (Parliamentarian) - Leeor Schweitzer

7.      Dinning Services - Karl Wasmuth

8.      Student Health Center Advisory- Leah Remsey and Milo Madole

                                                          iii.      Commission Assembly Meeting Schedule

1.      Commission will meet Monday all quarter, except Memorial Day then will meet Tuesday (May 26) - Tanis

a.       Every Monday including Memorial Day-Schweitzer

b.      Tuesday meeting is better. Every Monday except memorial day: Motioned (Schweitzer) Seconded (Tyner). Unanimously Carried

                                                          iv.      Introductions

                                                            v.      Motion to table committee reports as well as officer business. Motion (Schweitzer) Seconded (Wasmuth). Unanimously Carried.

b.      Finance Director- Alex Morgan

                                                              i.      Members of FPC (not counting Finance Director or Deputy Finance Director) Motion, Seconded, Unanimously Carried.

1.      Matt Remsen

2.      Owen Willis

3.      Matthew Kufta

                                                            ii.      No definite budget because media isn’t in. Approximately $37,000

                                                          iii.      Motion to table committee reports as well as officer business. Motion (Schweitzer) Seconded (Wasmuth). Unanimously Carried.

c.       Vice President: Tabled

d.      Public Relations Director: Tabled

e.       Secretary: Tabled

    V.      Internal Committee Reports: Tabled

a.       Constitutional Integrity Committee

b.      Financial Policies Committee

c.       J.C.S.O.R.

d.      Public Relations Committee

 VI.      External Committee Reports: Tabled

a.       Alcohol Task Force

b.      Athletic Committee

c.       Dining Services Committee

d.      Educational Policies Committee

e.       Experiential Education Committee

f.       Information Services Advisory Committee

g.      Student Health Center Advisory Committee

h.      Student Life Advisory Committee

VII.      Old Business

a.       No old business

VIII.      New Business

a.       Constitution

                                                              i.      Introduction and writing process-Tanis

                                                            ii.      Motion to approve (Tyner) seconded (Schweitzer). With amendments unanimously carried.

1.      Motion to amend Article V Section 2 sub-section C (Tyner) second (Remsen) Vice president section change “permanent” to “permanently”

 IX.      Good of the Order

a.       No good of the order

    X.      Adjournment: 9:19