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Kalamazoo College
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Older Student Commission Minutes

October 26th, 2009

  • Time: 9:00 pm

Student Commission Minutes

Week 6: Meeting 5

As taken by Meredith Quinlan

I.      Call to Order at 21:04

II.    Roll Call

  1. Absent: Andrea Bedway, Pheobe Solomon, and Julie Thomson
  2. Guest(s): none

III.  Adoption of Agenda

a.     Motion to adopt the agenda by Isaac, seconded by Matt.  All in favor, the motion to adopt the agenda carries.

IV.  Approval of Minutes

a.     Motion to approve the minutes by Milo, seconded by Isaac.  All in favor, the motion to approve the minutes carries.

V.    Executive Reports

a.     President

i.      Met with LAC Committee head.

j.      They are going to recommend to the Provost to get rid of the LAC requirement for everyone. Even for students on the old curriculum.

k.     Meeting with Provost next week

b.     Vice President

i.      Isaac will also be meeting with the Provost.

c.     Secretary of Finance

i.      Matt will talk about the budget in the Financial Policies Committee Report.

d.     Secretary of Records

i.      Nothing new to report

e.     Secretary of Public Relations

                                            a.     Collaborating with the library on a letter to the Index about the food policy and opening the classrooms. Send Meredith quotes if you have them.

VI.  Committee Reports

a.     FPC

                                            a.     Budget requests

    i. Cirque du K

                  - FPC recommends funding everything but “if wishes were       horses” section. (things they do not need.) We keep funding things       for       their aerial hoop, so we are going to tell them that we will fund it again       this time, but we might not in the future.

                  - Motion to approve FPC’s recommendation. Motion by       Issac. Seconded by Sarah.

-      All in favor.

ii. Frelon and Acapellas will not be requesting StuComm money because they want to donate to charities.

b.     Athletic Committee

-      Did not meet

c.     EPC

–  Did not meet

d.      Experiential Education

Did not meet

e.     Information Services

– Did not meet

f.      JCSOR

– Did not meet

g.     Public Relations

                                            a.     - Get out the Vote mailings will be in the mailboxes on Wednesday, hopefully.

                                           b.     Campus Survey: Library hours and LACs. Let Meredith know if you have any other questions you would like to see on it. We will see if we can do it online this quarter.

h.     Community Council

 a. Employee Handbook

b. Visions Training

c. Academic Affairs: Calendar, Global Studies minor, re-accreditation, Sophomore Seminar program and Effectiveness of advising

d. Advancement: mid-range compensation for faculty and staff (as compared to other GLCA institutions)

e. Fitness center and natatorium renovations

 f. Emergency mass notification system

i.      Campus Forum Committee

-       Next Wednesday November 4th 6 p.m.

-       People who will be there

-       What we’re talking about

VII.                  Old Business

a.     No Old Business

  1. New Business

            a. Milo: by-laws

                  i. No procedure for ‘closing’ meetings. It would be good to have       that in there. StuOrgs and giving donations after their profits. Edits will be talked       about in the upcoming weeks. Last week, there was a bit of confusion about       what is needed to pass a vote. ½ of Commission is needed to pass a vote.

                  ii. Matt – Section III has some rules that should be reviewed.       Should student groups be allowed to charge for events? One argument is that we       are already paying to go here so why should we pay more to go to events that are       supported with school funding? On the other hand, if groups want to charge, they       will do it anyway and just not have StuComm money. Therefore, the problem still       exists and many of them are the most popular groups on campus.


IX.  Public Comment

  1. Good of the Order

a.     “Nice Graph” – Matt Remsen.

  1. Adjournment
    1. Motion for adjournment at 21:24. Motioned by Isaac Kikuchi; seconded by Matt Remsen; all in favor, motion carried.