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Kalamazoo College

Current Students

Whether you are a major, a minor, or you just enjoy being part of a production, the Department of Theatre Arts offers a huge range of opportunities. Check out what some of our current students are doing and then let us know what you'd like to be involved in--everyone is welcome!

If you are a Senior Student, click here for information about KTAN and SIPs!

For more information about the ins and outs of our theatre department, check out Our Faculty and Staff and Our Facilities!


Mission Statement

Dedicated to the liberal arts tradition and innovations of Kalamazoo College, the Department of Theatre arts offers students access to the collaborative nature of drama through the integration of both creative and analytical courses, production laboratories, internships, and individualized projects. By studying the wealth of worldwide theatre traditions reflecting pluralism in our society, and the interdependence of all peoples and cultures, students gain the research tools for self-discovery; informed, critical thinking; the ability to take action on their ideas and responsibilities; and the development of the kind of self-esteem and values that will lead them as artists toward enjoying a lifelong journey of personal growth and inquiry in a climate whereby each may learn to speak with his or her own voice.

Open to all majors and non-majors alike, Festival Playhouse productions emphasize both personal and skill development in acting, design, stage management, and directing. They also serve as creative areas for students and enjoyable, thought-provoking entertainment for audiences. The cast and crew of all Festival Playhouse productions will accurately reflect the current student population. The academic program focuses on a wide range of dramatic styles, encouraging students to understand the breadth of dramatic literature from the classical to the most contemporary. experiential components are clearly linked with classroom studies and offer involvement with the Festival Playhouse Company, drama study in england, student projects in the experimental Dungeon Theatre, placement with regional and professional theatres, and the opportunity for participation in the GLCA New York Arts Program. Students interested in these opportunities should consult with department faculty regarding options and prerequisites.

For more about information about Festival Playhouse, click here.